How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson Second Edition FAQs

How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson Second Edition FAQs

I understand that the Second Edition is a two volume set, do I get both volumes for $99.00?


Are the volumes for sale separately?


Is the first volume a reprint of the 1st Edition?


Are 1936 or 1965 and later models covered?

As individual models, not at this time. However common components (frames, forks, etc.) which are shared with earlier and later models are covered for identification purposes.

What is new in the 2nd edition?

All of the chapters are rewritten.

Incorrect material has been replaced.

Omitted information has been added.

New tables and cross reference charts are included.

All of the original photographs have been enlarged and cleaned to look clearer.  Details are easier to see.

Over 350 new photographs have been added.

Detailed information on date codes, casting numbers and forging numbers has been added.

Each year of the Model section of the Appendix has been reorganized. Components are grouped into categories (motor, carburetor, ignition, etc) so the reader does not have to go through the entire section to see if the component is listed.

The Index is greatly improved and more inclusive.