How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson Second Edition by Bruce Palmer III

Here is the Second Edition of the book that Harley-Davidson enthusiasts have been waiting for: An updated complete guide to correctly restoring Harley-Davidson motorcycles to factory original and authentic specification.
Twenty-five years in preparation, How To Restore Your Harley-Davidson Second Edition is the biggest and best book written on restoring 1937-1964 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, an encyclopedia showing what parts are correct and what is not. This book is a two volume reference work on Harley-Davidson restoration and preservation.
Within are 1000 pages packed with nearly 1000 photographs and over 1 million words of detailed text, charts, and tables covering:
• VIN, motor, frame numbers and codes
• Frame, chassis, and sheet metal restoration
• Motor, transmission and clutch restoration
• Paint colors and plating finish for every nut and bolt
• Electrical ignition and lighting components
• Accessories and options
Author Bruce Palmer III is a noted Harley-Davidson restorer who has been building, restoring, and preserving motorcycles for over 45 years.

ISBN 978-0-9906206-0-0

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